Electric Ford F-150 Will Be as Powerful as Gas-Powered Counterpart

For decades, the Ford F-150 has dominated as America’s favorite, best-selling truck. In fact, for more than 40 years, it has been the best-selling vehicle of any kind in the United States. Fans appreciate its pure power for towing and hauling. So how will they react when Ford markets an electric Ford F-150 that uses zero gas power to get the job done?

Ford is hoping that its recent display of power will win fans over. According to Fox Business, Ford recently demonstrated a prototype of an electric F-150 truck, in which the F-150 towed 10 double-decker rail cars with 42 F-150s on board. Altogether, this rail cars weighed more than one million pound — and the electric Ford F-150 was able to pull them along.

electric Ford F-150 - torrington, wy

Specifically, Ford hopes to capture the attention of female drivers. In recent years, women have been ditching the minivan in search of something different. SUVs have been their main choice, but Chief Nameplate Engineer of the F-150 Linda Zhang is hoping that an electric truck this powerful — but with great safety features and interior space — might win women over.

No word yet on when a Ford F-150 electric will be released, but you can find the gas-powered F-150 here at Transwest Ford.

Ford Ranger Raptor May Be Coming—Eventually

As much as we scream and beg, Ford is not giving the US the Ranger Raptor—for now. But according to a recent report from Road & Track, a Ford Ranger Raptor may make its way to American soil sometime early in the next decade. They estimate by 2022.

Of course, this Ranger Raptor will look nothing the like Ranger that we currently have. By 2022, Ford will be giving the Ranger a facelift, as it will be about half way through its generation. That means we aren’t quite sure what this soon-to-come Ranger Raptor will look like. Further complicating matters, Road & Track reports that the model will actually be closer visually to the upcoming Ford Bronco.

So can we trust this information, and where is it coming from? Yes, we can, surprisingly, and even more surprisingly, the information is coming from actual Ford engineers on social media. A Ford engineer posted that he is working on a Raptor version of a Ranger that bears the internal code of P703. Why is that important? The upcoming Ranger’s internal designation is also P703 and is set for a North American release of roughly 2022.

All that put together means that we will likely have a Ford Ranger Raptor here at our dealership—just not as soon as we would like it.

Ford Ranger Raptor - Torrington, WY