Keep Your Car Organized With These 4 Hacks

We’ve all had to deal with a messy car before — but there are ways to combat the chaos. Between spare change, crumbs, and loose items cluttering up the cabin, it can be hard to find a place for everything. Luckily, we’ve got four easy car organization hacks for you.

Shoe organizers

Instead of hanging a shoe organizer off the back of a door, hang it off the back of your seats. This gives your car a ton of pockets that can hold small items like hand wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, and children’s sippy cups.

Collapsible bins

Ever open your trunk or back hatch to find that your groceries have scattered everywhere? Prevent your food from taking a tumble with some collapsible, soft-sided bins. These simple storage solutions can wrangle your goods — and fold flat when they’re not in use.

Silicone cupcake liners

Few places in your car get as grimy as the cup holders. From sticky spills to loose change, a convenient cup holder can quickly become a magnet for grime. Make cleaning your car easier by dropping a silicone cupcake liner into the cup holder. When it’s time to clean up, you can easily wash and reuse the cupcake liner, thanks to its non-stick properties.

Gum containers

Ever see those cup holder-sized gum containers in the checkout aisle? Once you’ve chewed the last piece of gum, don’t chuck the packaging. Instead, use these sturdy, re-sealable, cup-holder-sized containers to carry your spare change. They’re also great for corralling other small objects, like bobby pins and hair ties.

Car Organization Hacks - Torrington, WY

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