Electric Ford F-150 Will Be as Powerful as Gas-Powered Counterpart

For decades, the Ford F-150 has dominated as America’s favorite, best-selling truck. In fact, for more than 40 years, it has been the best-selling vehicle of any kind in the United States. Fans appreciate its pure power for towing and hauling. So how will they react when Ford markets an electric Ford F-150 that uses zero gas power to get the job done?

Ford is hoping that its recent display of power will win fans over. According to Fox Business, Ford recently demonstrated a prototype of an electric F-150 truck, in which the F-150 towed 10 double-decker rail cars with 42 F-150s on board. Altogether, this rail cars weighed more than one million pound — and the electric Ford F-150 was able to pull them along.

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Specifically, Ford hopes to capture the attention of female drivers. In recent years, women have been ditching the minivan in search of something different. SUVs have been their main choice, but Chief Nameplate Engineer of the F-150 Linda Zhang is hoping that an electric truck this powerful — but with great safety features and interior space — might win women over.

No word yet on when a Ford F-150 electric will be released, but you can find the gas-powered F-150 here at Transwest Ford.

Ford Unveils a New GT at Goodwood

Every summer, speed enthusiasts flock to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England to see the fastest and most innovative cars to grace the road and track. This year, Ford unveiled a new GT at Goodwood, named the GT Mk II.

The GT Mk II will be a limited production run of only 45 models. This car will also be limited as a track-only model and is not road legal. It is also not designed to compete in any racing series. Because the designers were not limited by any road laws or racing restrictions, they were free to do whatever they wanted with the design.

“The GT Mk II unleashes the full performance potential of the Ford GT without any artificial performance limitations dictated by racing sanctioning bodies,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford chief product development and purchasing officer. “It’s the closest GT owners can get to the Le Mans-winning performance and exhilarating feeling of crossing the finish line in the Ford GT race car.”

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The production team took a standard road-legal GT and made it more exciting with an upgraded engine and extreme aerodynamics. Under the hood, the GT Mk II has a 700 horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine. The aerodynamic elements generate over 400 percent more downforce than the standard GT model.

Although you can’t get this version of the GT at Transwest Ford, you can find plenty of sporty Ford cars in stock, like the Mustang.

Keep Your Car Organized With These 4 Hacks

We’ve all had to deal with a messy car before — but there are ways to combat the chaos. Between spare change, crumbs, and loose items cluttering up the cabin, it can be hard to find a place for everything. Luckily, we’ve got four easy car organization hacks for you.

Shoe organizers

Instead of hanging a shoe organizer off the back of a door, hang it off the back of your seats. This gives your car a ton of pockets that can hold small items like hand wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, and children’s sippy cups.

Collapsible bins

Ever open your trunk or back hatch to find that your groceries have scattered everywhere? Prevent your food from taking a tumble with some collapsible, soft-sided bins. These simple storage solutions can wrangle your goods — and fold flat when they’re not in use.

Silicone cupcake liners

Few places in your car get as grimy as the cup holders. From sticky spills to loose change, a convenient cup holder can quickly become a magnet for grime. Make cleaning your car easier by dropping a silicone cupcake liner into the cup holder. When it’s time to clean up, you can easily wash and reuse the cupcake liner, thanks to its non-stick properties.

Gum containers

Ever see those cup holder-sized gum containers in the checkout aisle? Once you’ve chewed the last piece of gum, don’t chuck the packaging. Instead, use these sturdy, re-sealable, cup-holder-sized containers to carry your spare change. They’re also great for corralling other small objects, like bobby pins and hair ties.

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Ford GoRide Health Launches First Public Service


Ford is all about providing safe, comfortable transportation to all, and that mission extends beyond the task of selling reliable vehicles. Ford GoRide Health is a non-emergency medical transportation service that provides rides to and from medical appointments. The business first launched in Southeast Michigan and has since expanded to Toledo, Ohio.

Now that Ford GoRide Health has had a chance to refine its customer experience, it is ready to expand its offerings nationally. The expansion will start with more cities in Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, as well as populated areas in Florida like Miami. Ford expects to reach these cities by the end of 2019, and in 2020 the service aims to reach Texas, California, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

In addition to expanding its non-emergency medical transportation services, they have launched their first public service para-transit in Dayton, Ohio. This ride service is open to the public, and is designed to fill a major need to public transportation for those with disabilities and anyone who cannot access standard public transportation. In the years to come, Ford GoRide Health hopes to expand even further, providing safe and reliable transportation where it is most needed.

If you need a new vehicle to help get you and loved ones from place to place, contact the teams at Transwest Ford.

Here’s What We Know About the 2021 Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco has been a long time coming. The revitalized Bronco will bring Ford back to the off-road SUV segment in a big way, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about the returning model, which should arrive late in 2020. However, as we get closer to its production and release date, more news has started trickling in. Here is what we do know about the 2021 Ford Bronco so far

  • You will be able to get it in a two-door or a four-door version—and you can choose between rear- and four-wheel drive.
  • You will be able to remove the doors and hard top. That means the Bronco will offer a truly open-air off-roading experience.
  • The grille will bear huge “Bronco” signage on the front, so everyone will know exactly what you’re driving.
  • The Bronco will share some similarities with the new Ford Ranger. In fact, the Bronco and the next-generation Ranger will be built on the same platform.
  • The Bronco will have a spare tire on the back.
  • Styling of the Bronco harkens back to 1965 rather than 1996. That means we’ll see a return to classic boxiness.
  • Engine specs aren’t yet solidified, but we may see a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 (the same one in the F-150).

If you need a new Ford SUV now instead of waiting for the 2021 model year, contact us at Transwest Ford.

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2020 Ford Explorer Will Have Self-Sealing Tires

There are few things worse when driving then feeling the vibration of your steering wheel and the telltale “thunk, thunk, thunk” sound that indicate you have a flat tire – especially if you’re on a family road trip. The 2020 Ford Explorer is looking to help give you peace of mind in this regard.

For the new model year, this family-friendly SUV will come with self-sealing tires from Michelin.

These tires are made to stand up to nail and screw punctures with its self-sealing technology. The rubber can seal up to 90% of tread punctures that have a diameter of up to 0.25 inches. This self-sealing technology will “dramatically slow the rate at which air leaks,” allowing the loss of air pressure to slow to a Michelin-estimated 15 pounds per square inch per week.

While real-life results can vary, this technology will help reduce the stress of getting a flat, especially if you’re taking the 2020 Explorer on a road trip.

“Nothing derails a family vacation like a flat tire,” said Joseph Billman, Ford wheel and tire engineer. “Explorer is the ultimate road trip family hauler – and it’s the perfect fit for these new Michelin Selfseal tires.”

The Explorer will be the first SUV to use these special Michelin tires. They will come as the standard tires on the Platinum and Limited Hybrid four-wheel-drive models and as available equipment on the Limited two-wheel- and four-wheel-drive models. To learn more about them, contact us at Transwest Ford.

To view the 2019 Ford Explorer, visit us at Transwest Ford today.


Ford Ranger Raptor May Be Coming—Eventually

As much as we scream and beg, Ford is not giving the US the Ranger Raptor—for now. But according to a recent report from Road & Track, a Ford Ranger Raptor may make its way to American soil sometime early in the next decade. They estimate by 2022.

Of course, this Ranger Raptor will look nothing the like Ranger that we currently have. By 2022, Ford will be giving the Ranger a facelift, as it will be about half way through its generation. That means we aren’t quite sure what this soon-to-come Ranger Raptor will look like. Further complicating matters, Road & Track reports that the model will actually be closer visually to the upcoming Ford Bronco.

So can we trust this information, and where is it coming from? Yes, we can, surprisingly, and even more surprisingly, the information is coming from actual Ford engineers on social media. A Ford engineer posted that he is working on a Raptor version of a Ranger that bears the internal code of P703. Why is that important? The upcoming Ranger’s internal designation is also P703 and is set for a North American release of roughly 2022.

All that put together means that we will likely have a Ford Ranger Raptor here at our dealership—just not as soon as we would like it.

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Ford Increases Overtime Due to High 2019 Ford Ranger Demand

When it was announced that Ford will be bringing the Ranger nameplate back, the industry got excited — and it looks like this excitement isn’t going to die down anytime soon. The Ford Ranger has officially arrived, but even after Ford’s first month of shipping them out, the demand hasn’t gone down.

In fact, the 2019 Ford Ranger demand is so significant that Ford has decided to add overtime shifts to its Michigan Assembly Plant, which produces the sought-after truck. Just last month, Kumar Golhotra, Ford President of North America, mentioned that he expected to sell over 1,200 Ranger models in the truck’s first month back on the market.

He also mentioned that more than 300,000 people have shown interest in purchasing a Ford Ranger in the near future. Because of this data, the company thought it best to begin adding overtime shifts at the beginning of this month.

“Based on the orders coming in, and based on the hand-raisers, we think the demand’s going to be so strong, that starting in February our assembly plant will be going into massive overtime,” said Galhotra in a briefing.

Ford began producing the Ranger in October at the Michigan Assembly Plant. This plant in particular was on the receiving end of an $850 million investment in 2017, allowing it to focus more on body-on-frame vehicle production.

If you’re interested in the 2019 Ford Ranger, please give us a call or visit us at Transwest Ford and we can help you find one.

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Try Out These Winter Activities in Wyoming

When snow and cold temperatures arrive, it’s easy to stay indoors for too long and go a bit stir crazy.  Combat cabin fever with these popular winter activities in Wyoming.

  • Skiing: It’s almost a requirement to enjoy skiing here in Wyoming, with slopes all across the state to try out. The most famous ski resort is at Jackson Hole, but you’ll have plenty of fun at Grand Targhee Resort and several others. You can also rent snowshoes or go cross country skiing in one of Wyoming’s several national or state parks.
  • Book a winter tour: You can experience the Wyoming’s winter wonderland without freezing in one of its many tours through national parks from the inside of a heated snowcoach. If you’re willing to brave the cold, try some of the unique sleigh ride or Iditarod dog sledding tours. 
  • Taking a dip in the hot springs: It may be freezing outside, but the hot springs across Wyoming are steamy hot. Are you brave enough to break out your bathing suit and jump into one of Wyoming’s hot springs?
  • Snowmobiling: Snowmobiles are the fastest way to get around on snow — and they are so much fun. Visit the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail and Togwotee Pass for some of the best snowmobiling areas.

Wyoming winters are a great time to get out and enjoy outdoor activities. We at Transwest Ford hope you have a great time with some of these activities while staying safe out there.

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New Year, New F-150: Changes to the 2019 Ford F-150

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on what changes we can make in our own lives. That’s why we often hear the phrase “new year,new you.” But this year, we say “new year, new F-150,” simply because of the many changes from the outgoing model year to the 2019 Ford F-150.

Here are some of the major differences you can expect:

  • New powerful V6: Ford has borrowed the high-output 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine from the F-150 Raptor and planted it in the range-topping Ford F-150 Limited. This engine produces some massive power: 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque.
  • New dual-exhaust system: The F-150’s new dual-exhaust system includes updated dual-exhaust tips that fit into the new rear bumper cutouts.
  • Interior changes: Ford has redesigned the interior of the 2019 F-150. This includes a new Camel Back two-tone interior color scheme that replaces the previous Navy Pier design. Ford has also substituted the standard CD player from the XLT trim with the FordPass™ Connect system.
  • Appearance: Ford has added 5-inch angular step bars to the XLT Sport Appearance Package on the truck. Three new exterior colors are offered as well: Agate Black, Abyss Gray, and Silver Spruce.

Stop by Transwest Ford to see the new 2019 F-150 and schedule a test drive.

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